Know what’s on? An Introduction To On Your Doorstep!

What’s on in Manchester?

So what is On your doorstep, I caught up with Natalie-Eve and Michelle that describe what they are doing.

Take a look around 👇

Over the coming weeks, we are sharing stories from New Yorkers, Mancunians, residents of both, and people who have an unexplainable affinity with these magical cities. Kicking off our series we had Joan As Police Woman – Joan Wasser – who wrote a beautiful piece for us with an accompanying playlist. We are the best at celebrating being different and now we are going to explore and celebrate the similarities of the two best cities in the world (biased, us?).  

Music is a valid therapy. It can potentially reduce depression and anxiety, as well as improve mood, self-esteem, and quality of life.

Here some of Manchesterʼs finest musicians, artists, DJs, comedians, and creatives, share some of their favourite music with you. A chance to switch off with a brew, soundtrack your walk/run/commute, or just tunes to stick on when you need to just relax for a little while.

Music therapy is used to aid physical discomfort by improving respiration and lowering blood pressure. It can improve cardiac output, reduce the heart rate, and relax muscle tension.

For mental health, this form of therapy is great for reducing stress.

Massive thanks to all our guest contributors, who have provided a selection of playlists to cover all bases. Whether it’s soothing ballads, uplifting house, folk, blues, rock n roll, or some world music to escape to somewhere else….

World suicide prevention day took place this month and we have loads of useful insights from musicians and charities, on the work they are doing to raise awareness of the help that is available for anyone that is affected.

Our Hometown sessions with artists such as Abbie Ozard and The KTNA continue next month, with Stockportʼs own Liv-May filming something special for us in the centre of Manchester.

Check out our website for links to all the above.

Natalie-Eve and Michelle.