We review the new single from Andrew Cushin – Memories

Often when songwriting one of the biggest challenges is getting the listener to believe you, but this is not an issue in the case of Andrew Cushin’s new single ‘Memories’. This track is another strong demonstration of Cushin’s acclaimed songwriting talent.

A heartfelt, meaningful single which carries a heavy emotional weight (but carries it well), Cushin takes on the frequently overlooked topic of male mental health. An attempt to challenge the stigma around male emotion and vulnerability can only be seen as a brave effort from Andrew that must be applauded.

The Geordie artist’s sound is best described as a crossover of a whole bunch of famous faces. In particular, his brooding but youthful nature has been likened to the work of Jake Bugg, whilst his acoustic songwriting ability is reminiscent of no less than Noel Gallagher. This is unquestionably high praise that Cushin should be proud of.

‘Memories’ does not stray off this path, and continues to show off his impressive sound.

The only criticism I was left with at the end was that a more complex and intricate bassline would have been nice to hear in support of the track. The simple approach taken to the bass, although providing a solid and consistent backing, left the background to the song slightly uninteresting after the four minutes had passed.

At the end of the day, this will not likely phase Andrew too much as overall ‘Memories’ simply adds to his pile of compelling work that sets the 20-year-old up for a promising future.

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