Andreww – Medusa

With a blend of trap and grunge, there’s a strong air of moody anger and sadness infused in Medusa

Both these genres attract a demographic of musicians who write about real world and more personal issues, Andreww is no exception to that. The overall crux of Medusa is very clearly defined, in that someone close to the singer is always high on an unspecified drug. 

Whilst the lyrics are simple and to the point, it’s the tackling of a real issue that gives the track life. But comparing the user in the song to Medusa adds a clever twist. Drawing interesting parallels to drugs being a poison, and Medusa having snakes for hair.

The comparison is incredibly apt, with the drugs slowly poisoning the person and turning them into a monster that will destroy others as they go. 

The use of low strung guitars that a full of angst are a fantastic fit, using the classic grunge style of adding a thick atmosphere to what is more often than not, a song with a more disturbing subject matter. 

But when mixed with a trap beat, it adds a much more modernised flair. With the drum machine beat laying an even heavier dollop of mood on.

It’s a borderline hypnotic backing track, one that’s amazing even before Andreww’s singing is added on. And with the singing that’s clear and smooth, you have a powerhouse of a song that can’t be recommended enough.