Anhedonia – I need Anaesthetic

Now then, here we go! Knock, knock, rock and roll! Instant chord riff with lead guitar, Hello!It’s not a dirge, it’s a we know what we’re doing kind of track.

The lads from Blackburn of Lancs, are not shy in their admittance that this is not there first musical dance. They’ve musical heritage in some of the beautiful people that brought them into the world, and their drive to be heard in a covid world is a question they don’t ever want to hear again!

They claim a reverence to the band ‘Kid Kapachi’ , a band I’d never heard of, but is now very much in my playlist, but I’ve an inkling to say these guys might tickle, almost ruffle a few feathers that ‘Kid’ can’t, but these can. With 8 balls thrown in!It is chords, build, noise, drop.

But it makes sense! Theres a story there is a tale. there is an understanding of narrative and dilemma. The lyrics are pragmatic, and right for the tale. Bravo! Literally Bravo! The lyricist deserves his glass of whiskey, I’ll buy him one if I meet him. 

I’m not saying this band are ground breaking, but they are good. You can tell they know lots of music. ‘Guitars left around the house’, and a reflection of their musical upbringings, shows. 

There is many a band who sound similar that could learn a lot from these, the difference being almost minimal, but obvious.Good track, well recorded, up-strokes through the middle 8. Definitely 8 balls, out of a lust for 10.

Also on RGM ????