Anti Honey have released a double edged blade, with new tunes: I Hate Music and Beta Music. With their high energy, alternative, DIY sound, these songs prove to be two of a kind. Every single element of these songs oozes with passion – lyrically and musically. 

In his recent interview with RGM, James Kitchen rather amusingly described Anti Honey’s genre as ‘Medio-core’. This is a prime example of the blasé attitude that runs throughout this project. Kitchens ability to not take himself too seriously is refreshingly authentic. 

Do not let James Kitchen’s self depreciative attitude take anything away from his unique ability to write with versatility and flair. Not only is he playing every single instrument in this tune, but he is doing it with taste and diligence. On top of this, his vocal performance is as in-your-face as any punk song, with an attitude and swagger that fuels the character of these two tracks. 

Anti Honey are elusive when it comes to their social media presence, and this esoteric nature feeds into the exciting notion of listening to an artist that you have stumbled across, and has not been shoved down your throat. 

The first of the two songs ‘I Hate Music’ is beautifully produced, with some electronic drums and mind bending guitar licks here and there. Another noteworthy element is Anti Honey’s ability to steer the song in different directions, constantly keeping you on your toes, with various breakdowns and new guitar parts coming and going. You can tell Kitchen has poured a lot into this track. 

As for ‘Beta Music’, it rhymes well with the song that precedes it, and adds more, with some really silky moments of synthesizer that is not as present in ‘I Hate Music’. The use of the synth helps to create this looming, dark presence throughout the song and sits perfectly alongside Kitchen’s vocals throughout the chorus. 

Let’s hope Anti Honey keep these tunes coming – with their addictive sound and high energy feel, they are bound to go far.