With a name that’s as expressive as ANTIBLOWBACKTECHNOLOGY, there’s certainly going to be something out there and unusual going on. 

Sheep as a single lives up to that promise. Starting with a mysterious and melancholy intro, with deep and subdued vocals that are coupled with equally as minimal guitars. 

The exact subject matter is very straight forward, describing how the singer is struggling with sleeping. After taking some sleeping pills and counting sheep, the rest of the song explodes into a euphoric dream.

With this sudden outburst of noise, there’s no going back to that downbeat opening. Instead, there’s this upbeat guitar and energetic singing. This energy is felt for the rest of the track, picking up the pace even more during the outro section. The closing minute is filled with a series of melded, trippy sounds that add very nice punctuation on the song. 

But there’s also this feeling of wonder as to what has just been experienced, especially given the five-and-a-half-minute runtime, it’s a manic fever dream that stretches beyond the standard of most contemporary music. 

The one criticism that could be made is one particular section is dragged on for a little longer than is welcome, though mileage may vary depending on the listener. The section in question involves a continually repeated line, echoed by a backing vocalist continually for quite a while.

This then gives way to the closing moments of the song and could have been trimmed down just a tad. But overall it makes for a fun and mysterious romp.