Apteekii – Shelter

It was ‘apt’, that I didn’t judge a book by its cover this time. I made the mistake of viewing these fine white t-shirted gents and assumed. I am not sure but I looked no further and listened to the track ‘Shelter’.  

You are met with floating strings and ethereal synths, sweeping orchestral melodies that give melodic waves to the incoming vocal. The vocal that sits somewhere between Sam Smith and a well-tuned Dalek (or both?), drifts to consummate this avatar dreamscape, into its flowing chorus. 

The musical effects leave the ear a little strained to obtain the lyrical weight of the verse. However, a well-constructed unexpected robotic dirge of a middle 8 holds up this ‘Black Mirror’ fantasy. It’s a song that can be placed in any well-put-together ‘Song’. We survive a dystopian love apocalypse too, and don’t we need those these days?     

Playing off the brilliantly named ‘Nonsense Potter Records’, check these guys out, they may have all your celestial needs.

Did I mention there’s bells? There’s bells.