ArowbtheWorld – Austrālis

ArowbtheWorld is from France, transplanted into sunny Manchester, dreaming of a holiday in Sydney. A fan of quirky capitalisation and squiggles over letters, the artist’s intention is to capture the experience of Perth “At midnight” – something high on ArowbtheWorld’s bucket list. “Take me on a journey with you, you don’t need no luggage”. The very idea of getting on a plane to Perth with no luggage has already given me a panic attack. 

Austrālis fades into crunchy drums and satisfying backwards vocals. The first verse is short-lived, offering understated autotuned vocal melodies which ought to be the hook for Austrālis. Unfortunately, this is swiftly abandoned as we’re dropped into a busy, instrumental game-chip-power-up muddle. For quite some time.

ArowbtheWorld is influenced by Madeon, Justice and Daft punk. He wears his influences on his sleeve, but at some points, it feels like he hasn’t amalgamated these to form a fresh sound, that he’s switching from style to style for no real reason. Admittedly, it’s hard to sound even a little bit like Daft Punk without sounding a lot like Daft Punk.

Austrālis doesn’t feel like one cohesive piece of work, just snapshots of what might be in store for us next. There is no doubt that ArowbtheWorld is a talented multi-instrumentalist. We just need something to really chew on.