Asha Gold – Debut

Belying her years, Asha Gold’s third single ‘Debut’ is a thoroughly enjoyable slice of RnB that brings to mind the early days of Jorja Smith & co. without feeling as though it’s simply a late-comer to the scene. It feels forward-thinking, nuanced, and excites me greatly for her upcoming EP.

I could listen to Asha Gold’s voice for days on end, and it’s truly an ‘instrumental’ voice in terms of the role it plays throughout ‘Debut’; and that’s on two fronts. Firstly, replace Asha with a different vocalist, with a different delivery and differing vocal control, and I don’t think the song would be the success it is. She rolls effortlessly between lyrics and vocal phrases, each conveying the story she wants the listener to empathise with and experience together. Secondly, her voice really is a vital instrument within the backline of the track; it’s soulful, wholesome and yet still direct, taking a leading role in guiding you through what is, at its core, a wonderfully well-rounded release.

But what is it that makes ‘Debut’ stand out as something you should take notice of? I think what is perhaps underrated and potentially overlooked are the details in the production. Short sharp burst of synthesised strings, the almost liquid basslines, and the brewing, bubbling FX throughout make the soundscape you’re thrown into a warm and pleasant place to be. Effervescent piano lines twist and turn your head, almost demanding a focus on the subtleties of the track. And it’s all expertly knit together by Gold herself. Fundamentally, ‘Debut’ is an escape where you’re at the mercy of where Asha Gold wants to take you, and in all honesty, wherever that may be I would welcome with open arms.

I’m left charmed by this release, and in high anticipation of what will follow. Bearing in mind that this is only her third release, the pathway she’s about to take could and should be innately positive and presumably will be accompanied by more thoughtful and tuneful releases to match up with her already highly rated, albeit small, back catalogue. I’m excited for her, and especially during a time where our industry is (to put it bluntly) on its arse, I’m relieved to know that the newest wave of artists still have the ability to produce genuinely enjoyable and genuinely interesting music…even if it has to be written over Zoom!