Bursting with vigour and zest new single “Loca Perdida” by Argentinian rock band Asilo 51 is a Latin American take on anthemic indie rock that is both punchy and soulful.  

Beginning with choppy guitar riffs followed by raspy and impassioned vocals this song is undeniably indie rock and hooks the listener quickly with an opening that is catchy and energetic. Lyrically telling the story of the chase of getting to know someone, instrumentally this is reflected through a driving drum beat and tense guitar passages unraveling into an explosive chorus. The excitement and exhilarating feeling of pursuit are captured perfectly.

With an anthemic and crowd-pleasing chorus, it’s no surprise to hear that this band has a focus on building their fanbase through live shows as they hit the nail on the head when it comes to pinning down that electrifying and intoxicating sound that really captures the audience’s attention.  

Instrumentally, as well as creating a sound true to the songs story Asilo 51 sound professional and show off much skill in “Loca Perdida”. With some interesting chord progressions and very authentically recorded instruments, there’s a raw quality to this track that adds to its charm. The vocals in particular sound refreshingly unprocessed and unrestrained adding to the adrenaline provoking rush of the track. With a subtle but unmissable hint of traditional Latin American guitar style, Asilo 51 stay authentic to their culture as well as in their recording style.  

Overall, “Loca Perdida” is a track full of fire and energy that is especially suited to the live music that fuels the indie rock scene and fanbase across the world. With much energy and vitality coming across in this single, we should look forward to hearing what Asilo 51 have in store for the future.