AUNT.T – Joy Is Where

An independent artist on a mission to change music forever, London based AUNT.T will quickly become your new favourite aunty. I mean, seriously, we all have aunt’s that aren’t necessarily family, right? Back with her second single to date, ‘Joy Is Whereis an acoustic offering bathed with unforgettable soul vocals and angelic guitar melodies.

Taken from a forthcoming six-track EP, all recorded at the comfort of Aunt’s home, this one-woman band does everything herself. From writing, performing to producing each track, this lady is certainly a role model you wouldn’t mind your kids (future kids) looking up to.

Inspired by personal experience in romantic partnerships and change of perspective, the track feels vital in self-growth. Telling the story that you are responsible for your own happiness, the motivational number feels empowering and like a sort of mantra you’d stick on repeat to help you get through a gloomy day.

Definitely sat in a singer-songwriter genre and folk-meets-soul-pop, ‘Joy Is Where’ feels like a blessing in disguise. Creating a safe haven for fans to dive into when they may need comfort, this feels like a guiding light and the cuddle we all needed at the moment.