Away From the Earth – Watercolors

Memphis based artist Away From the Earth is the solo project from songwriter Kyle Wright – and we’re certain you’re going to be engrossed from start to finish with their new single ‘Watercolors‘.

A vibrant single from start to finish, this instrumental number may not have vocals but it’s still a release that will transport you into a positive mindset. Sounding like the lovechild of Aphex Twin and Brian Eno, this chilled out number feels like it would be the perfect addition to a game soundtrack or the backing music to an empowering movie scene.

Intended to be the positive energy the globe is constantly needing now more than ever, the track strays a bit away from the normal sound of Away From the Earth into a more diverse soundscape. Equipped with a lo-fi beat filled with addictive drum triggers, ‘Watercolors’ started with a drumbeat while being written and Kyle wrote about that basis.

Produced in Kyle’s bedroom in Memphis, TN, the production is incredible and sounds out of this world. A departure from the post-rock vibe of his last EP, this new sound is definitely Kyle’s strongest yet. With a string of singles to come, the future is bright for this producer.