Aza Brown – Pure Water

Opening with strings, immediately setting an uplifting tone, you’d be half convinced you’d just put an Elbow track on. However, it’s not an Elbow track, it’s Aza Brown’s new single ‘Pure Water’

A sweet, ethereal acoustic tune is what you get from Aza’s April single. This is the first in a series of singles he will release in the run up to his new album ‘Exennial’.

If there’s one thing you can say about Aza, it’s that he lives and breathes music. He’s dedicated his life to crafting his sound, and you can really hear every inch of effort that goes into his songs. This is a special thing to have, something that not everyone achieves, and Aza really triumphs in.

If you give this track a listen, be prepared to have the words ‘it’s as clear as pure water’ rattling around in your brain for the next few hours, because it sure does say it a lot. Aza has certainly made good use of a catchy melody that you can’t help but cling to.

1990s salutes also seem like a common theme for Aza. This track really does have a Verve- essence to it that cannot be mistaken.

All of this is part of Aza’s attempt to keep up with a modern music scene that’s been overtaken by technology. Speaking about today’s music scene, Aza said “the role of social media and the engagement economy now play a huge part in whether you’ll be successful or not. Like many “Exennials”, I’m fairly tech-savvy, but the younger generation have really got a head start when it comes to social media”.

Despite this, Aza hopes that people will recognise the care that has gone into what he’s accomplished. I truly believe he has given everything he has to his music, and it is well worth giving it a listen.

‘Pure Water’ is out now, and Aza Brown’s new album ‘Exennial’ will be out Friday 2nd July for all your ears!

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