A collective filled with talent, B0r0s consists of rappers, producers, photographers, and designers hailing from New York City. Returning with their latest wonder ‘Show You‘, the single was recorded at the B0r0s sweatshops in two sittings.

Produced by Cesar Julius, the loveable alternative hip-hop meets pop number is colourful and fuelled with energy. Beginning with a hook line that instantly draws you in, ‘Show You’ is bathed in intoxicating vocals, and hip-hop based instrumentation.

‘Show You’ tells the story about getting the person you’re attracted to, to take a shot with you. Telling the tale of showing someone what they’re missing, the track is imaginative and is something we’ve all been through one way or the other. Vocally, the track rolls off the tongue and comes naturally to B0r0s. Incorporating a pop side to the arrangement, ‘Show You’ could easily sit comfortably in the mainstream charts if it got the attention it deserves.

Armed with comfortable discography sat behind them, B0r0s feels like a family that are constantly happy to be near each other. Letting listeners into their family with ease, ‘Show You‘ feels human and mature.