Bad Love – A Place For Me

Manchester based indie-pop outfit Bad Love write alluring synth-pop tracks infusing personal lyricism. Returning with their third single to date, ‘A Place For Me‘ is an effortless outlook into how new love can intoxicating, but sometimes the trauma from past heartbreak can put walls up between people.

Something you’d hear on the soundtrack of Love Island, ‘A Place For Me’ is contemporary and suited perfectly for the mainstreams charts.

‘A Place For Me’ enters fiercely in with it’s memorable nature, this track tells the story of finding a way to make something work, even when things feel irrational.

Fusing the elegance of synth-pop with the breathtaking sound of Bad Love creates a force to be reckoned with within the pop world. Mainly electronic based, the genuine lyrics are what makes the track still feel ‘human’.

If you’re into the hypnotic pop with a tinge of independence, Bad Love are the band for you. Radiating with optimism and cinematic attraction, ‘A Place For Me’ is released via Republic of Music, and will connect with fans across the globe.

Bad Love are a heartfelt outfit with an infectious aura, making them simply ones to watch.