Band Feature – Puppet Theory

Hi lads, congratulations on winning the friendly podcast competition. Tell me a funny story from gigging with the band to kick things off. It has to be silly!

Ok so we were staying over at a cheap hotel in London after a show, Paul (drums) was sorting out the sofa bed but it was getting dark so Niall (bass) went into the corner to turn on a lamp. It was a tall, grey, cylindrical type thing. Niall is down there for a while and shouts ‘how the hell do you turn on this lamp?’ The rest of us look confused at one another for a second or two and then keel over with laughter. For a few minute or so, Niall had been trying to find the switch to a sofa cushion!

Since then, we constantly try to turn on inanimate objects, much to Niall’s dismay.

What is a Puppet Theory?

A Puppet Theory (noun).

To be held captive by the music industry’s dictators.

e.g. ‘Eh lads, I’m in a right Puppet Theory here, this promoter asked me to milk his cow so that we can play first on a Tuesday in his shed!’

Did you vote Leave or Remain?


Who is the most naturally talented musician in the band?

The most naturally talented is probably Chris, he’s got a great ear for things and can play guitar and piano to a pretty good standard…but he never practices! Because of this, the most talented is Paul. He rocks the drums, can shred a guitar pretty well and could probably jam the bass if he needed to as well!

Why do you think you work well together?

We’ve got a great balance of talent and creativity, driven members and laid back members. All these things compliment each other really well. So, for example, Johnny is really creative with his ideas on guitar but his music theory isn’t too strong, but Chris can always tell the key, relative chords etc etc, so it works perfectly!

How serious are you about making a career in music?

Serious enough for 4 lads to travel the length of the country in a Ford Focus with a full bands worth of equipment to play a half full show in a toilet venue in London just to make a couple of contacts. We put every inch of spare money and time into Puppet Theory and have got really high expectations for what the next 18months holds for us. We won’t be stopping until we succeed!

Whats the maddest thing to have happened to the band while on stage?

The two that spring to mind both involved Paul disappearing. The first was when we played downstairs at The Ritz in Manchester, we were just about to start the set and he was just adjusting his drums into the perfect position. He shifted he seat back a bit and disappeared down the back of the stage. We had to hoist him back up because he ended up with his arse down a gap in the stage and his legs above his head. Great stuff.

The other time was one of our headline shows and we requested the stage to be nice and smoky for the first song. The lights and stage looked great and we absolutely smashed the first song. Look behind us for Paul to cue us in for the next track and the smoke is so thick you couldn’t see him at all! He’s not even in any of the pictures from the gig so he basically played drums for half an hour completely alone. I bet the crowd thought we had a drum machine!

What does Manchester mean to you?

Music. People. Togetherness. Strong. Home.

Tell us a secret about each band member?

Johnny uses bath bombs.
Niall used to have Elvis Presley mutton chops.
Chris is scared of worms.
Paul had tattoo of two crossed drumsticks on his arm but he got them covered up because they looked like two…something else.

Whats coming up for the band in 2019?

4 track EP released coming across the year which will conclude in autumn. Lots of travelling the country playing shows and hopefully a few festival slots in the summer!

Thanks for your time lads, nice one.

Cheers Carl.