Baneful Town – You and No One Else

You and No One Else” may be Baneful Town’s oldest track, but it’s their newly released single too. Taken from their recently released, self-titled album, the Americana infused track details life in the city as a young person and missing your loved ones.

A track that can be appreciated even more with families and friends across the globe distancing due to the pandemic, Baneful Town couldn’t have picked a better time to drop the relatable ‘You and No One Else’.

Instantly storming in with a jiving rhythm, “You and No One Else” is the perfect first dance track. A strong contender in the Americana and Acoustic world, lead vocalist Marshal’s vocals are entirely captivating. Singing alongside Laura Fasanella, the two voices fit together like the last piece of a complicated jigsaw puzzle.

Detailing the singer-songwriter project is strung together by drunken love songs, this bewitching single is a musical experience served on a silver platter. Instrumentally, there’s elements of bluegrass within the track’s core, and the haunting bottleneck slide melodies are mouth-watering.

Unfiltered and staying as true to their art as possible, Baneful Town are an outfit that deserves to be in everyone’s collection. Lyrically charming and pleasant, the band’s chemistry is spine-tingling.