Bang Bang Romeo – Love Yourself (feat. Example)

First things first, I wish ‘Love Yourself’ had come out in the summer because it would have been one of the best songs of the summer. It has the perfect summer vibe for belting out of your car speakers while driving round with all your mates in the back, just enjoying life.

And to be honest you wouldn’t expect anything less from Bang Bang Romeo, who have a track record of producing banger after banger. Plus adding Mr Summer Banger himself, Example, was a sure-fire way to make a great tune.

Example’s subtle low vocals compliment Bang Bang Romeo’s Anastasia’s unbelievably powerful signature voice, that could carry any song on its own. They are nicely layered over a face paced beat that gets you hyped throughout the song.

However, the pièce de résistance are the lyrics. They have a strong message that I think everyone needs to hear at some point and that is to love yourself. The song sings about putting as much effort into loving ourselves as we do into other people. In the social media age, we put so much work into admiring others and we forget that the most important person is ourselves. Sure, we want to be able to show other people unconditional love but without being able to love ourselves first then we risk burning out and then no one wins.

‘Love Yourself’ is a great tune with an inspiring message and with Bang Bang Romeo gearing up to release their debut album I can’t wait to hear what’s next.