Barking Poets – When I Am King

London based quartet Barking Poets unleash their punk worthy number ‘When I Am King’ into the wild. As the follow up to their lively debut single ‘Make Me Strong’, Barking Poets are a growing asset to London’s punk scene. A track that takes politics in it’s hands and raises eyebrows with it’s a fierce attitude, ‘When I Am King’ is an uplifting track that tells listeners things will get easier in the end. 

Recorded at Unit 13 Studios in South London, the track was produced, mixed and mastered by Paul Tipler. ‘When I Am King’ is a spine-tingling warning sign to the ‘bad guys’ to not cross the line. 

Detailing on today’s current climate, ‘One day we’ll think of this and laugh’… we sure hope so Barking Poets. In the meantime, crank the volume up to 11 and listen to a true band breathe energy over their powerful music. A big middle fingers up to the current establishment in power, ‘When I Am King’ is worthy of the throne.

Barking Poets echo their concerns of politics and important topics within their music, and ‘When I Am King’ cements that this experienced band will never go down without a fight. 

‘When I Am King’ is memorable, historical and unapologetic.