Beans on Toast – The Inevitable Train Wreck

Beans On Toast’s 11th studio album ‘The Inevitable Train Wreck’ is an angry, frustrated but hopeful musing on Planet Earth today. Strongly evoking the politically-charged nature of his contemporaries in the UK folk scene, the lyrics give you more than enough food for thought. Belated happy birthday by the way, Jay.

The seasoned performer gives his two cents on the world as it is in a very matter-of-fact way- there’s not much in the way of nuance in his delivery- but that reflects the urgency and desperation of the current situation. There’s no time for bullshit- that’s what Beans On Toast is getting across here.

Pretty much every topic in the zeitgeist is referenced, and he even goes to the lengths of tackling problems which haven’t even happened yet, such as whether or not to be polite to android cabbies on the track ‘Saying Thank You To Robots’. 

It can’t all be current affairs though, and Beans On Toast cuts through with a couple of compelling stories from his own life. Sad as it may sound, the track ‘Lost Poetry Department’ put a smile on my face as someone who is all too familiar with the Portsmouth-London rail network.

Beans On Toast does well to push the boundaries of accepted folk instrumentation, with the horn section particularly well used in a number of different styles- sometimes even going into a ska-like territory that compliments his Essex dialect beautifully.

Beans On Toast is all about consistency- a fun, thoughtful album once a year- and this instalment is no exception. However gloomy the world is, good music can galvanise you to change that sadness into passion and anger. That’s what ‘The Inevitable Train Wreck’ is all about.