Becki Fishwick – Know You Know

Based in the Lake District, Becki Fishwick is known for her 1950s vintage style flair and always providing a retro twist to her enchanting songwriting. Reviving the same passion as old school jazz, soul and Motown, it’s Becki’s astonishing vocals that are a force to be reckoned with. Bringing old school vibes to the table with her nostalgic twist on pop music, ‘Know You Know’ is Becki’s debut single.

Released alongside her cover of The Charlatans ‘One To Another’ with permission and praise of Tim Burgess, Becki’s distinctive voice is a breath of fresh air within the current industry sound.

Know You Know’ feels like it could feature a wider production, ready for a stadium. Saying that the overall soundscape is bathed in originality, and you’ll know from the get-go that this is a Becki Fishwick single. ‘Know You Know’ compliments a songwriter with a whole lot of passion for what she does. Reviving true charisma from nostalgic eras, the single is coated with a sleazy, independent flair. Arranged and produced by M.Cowe, the track also features D.Palmer and D.Crichton with their original arrangements.

A debut that will certainly rocket her to the top, Becki’s no stranger to the industry anyway. With quite an exciting career in singing, she’s performed at Kendal Calling 2018 and 2019, worked for the BBC with Geri Halliwell, and played Amy Winehouse in a sellout show. Winning top industry awards, this songstress is taking centre stage and is armed with powerhouse vocals.