Bedside Manners – Feel Alive

I can’t tell you whether this new tune will make you feel alive or not, but I can say that it will definitely wake you up. Roaring with intensity from the first second, Bedside Manners’ new single ‘Feel Alive’ is a chaotic one.

Ear-splitting guitar makes the intention of a rowdy track quite clear. Some tortured vocals and smacking of drums are thrown into the music to create 3 and a half minutes of fuzzed-up chaos.

Unexpected would not be the word to use when it comes to this song. Bedside Manners are self-described as ‘filthy indie’, and filthy indie is what they have given with ‘Feel Alive’.

The song feels reminiscent of someone like Bring Me The Horizon. However, this would make sense given that it was recorded with Al Groves at the Motor Museum, who worked with Bring Me The Horizon on their album ‘That’s The Spirit’.

Whilst intensity seems to be the aim of the song, it also brings its issues. Making a track this intense from the get-go makes it very difficult to take it up another notch to reinforce the tune. Apart from a short breakdown that allows some attempt to achieve a build-up, the song can’t seem to add an extra level to it.

That being said, this doesn’t mean the new single won’t serve the Merseyside band well. The energy that the track exhumes will do a decent job of getting the crowd moving and the mosh pits churning.

Bedside Manners will be exciting ones to watch if you get the chance to see them live.