Bedside Manners – My People

Whenever I approach a new track, a question I tend to consider is how bouncy the song will be. Will the sound jumpup and down, and will that be pleasant on the ears?

This usually applies to the more light-hearted/slower-temposide, since songs with a more intense vibe have less room for this kind energy.

My People by Bedside Manners manages an intense form of bounciness, scrambling about your ear drums with seamless precision, simultaneously thrusting chaos and optimism onto the listener.

Like the other songs by Bedside Manners, the sound is phenomenal, not quite as energetic as Underclass but still buzzing nonetheless. The sheer power behind the instrumentation is breath-taking; it hits you right away and nonchalantly sweeps you off your feet.

It’s difficult for any component of the song to live up to the instrumentation, but the lyrics do a good job keeping the bar raised throughout.

It’s a straightforward message – in a world that’s growing dull and overwhelming, there’s nothing more powerful than being proactive and living life to it’s fullest. It’s quite easy to make that message seem disingenuous, but in this case, you can sense the sincerity behind it. I thought a couple of the lines were a bit generic in terms of a self-affirming message, but the content is great on its own terms. And when these lyrics are given that extra push from the melody it makes the idea of being excited something to be excited for.

It’s more than a banger, it’s an ignition of feeling that’ll get you off your feet and running out the doorway.