Bedside Manners – Out of Control

There’s a certain level we’ve come to expect from Merseyside’s Bedside Manners. Though masquerading as an indie band, the Wirral-based five-piece harbour far more piss and vinegar than almost anything that genre typically could.

Case in point is Bedside Manners latest single, the fittingly titled “Out of Control”. Three minutes of acerbic guitars, rumbling bass and an unhinged vocal delivery, it comes quickly off the back of previous single “What It Seems” and much like its predecessor shares much more in common with the biting aggression of punk, while relishing in its own unfettered cynicism. Indeed, it’s just as easy to imagine “Out of Control” soundtracking a forthcoming Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater game as it is burning effigies of Boris Johnson.

For anyone who has ever been lucky enough to catch Bedside Manners live, they’ll be familiar with sheer sense of unbridled energy that the band seem to possess on stage.  Here they’ve managed to tap into that very same vein, mining ore made from nothing but sheer energy, aggression and catharsis.

For established fans of the band, that could mean only one thing: mosh pits. With that in mind “Out of Control” doesn’t disappoint. Armed with a blistering breakdown that comes towards its conclusion, this is prime Bedside Manners, but more pissed off than ever before.