Bedside Manners – What It Seems

Merseyside rockers ‘Bedside Manners’ lack in their manners with this dirty indie piece ‘What It Seems‘.

The Oasis fans capture their inspirations’ heavier moments with huge bass rhythms and raunchy guitar leads. The drumming in the bridge is powerful and the general focus of the sound is in your face as What It Seems descends into this massive outro.

It’s a quick and snappy piece with consistency in its catchy indie tempo and melting Lancashire vocal stylings. Usually I’m thrown off a bit by this Britpop reemergence, but I think Bedside Manners avoid any decadent qualities of that scene and provide us with exploratory guitar and drum playing.

You could argue the track has some Arctic Monkeys’ type of playing in its later half, but with how firey and explosive it becomes, this influence is encouraged correctly and the mixing makes the instruments and vocals sound solid.

If they keep up this genre of fast and full sounding indie rock with a little bit of grit mixed in, then Bedside Manners are going to be huge in the indie scene.