Bells Fell Silent – Big Night Won

Bells Fell Silent radiate originality.

Starting out as a solo project, the breathtaking project comprises of Gustav Sigala Haggren and Niklas Hegfalk. Released via Stargazer Records / The Orchard, ‘Big Night Woncomes straight from the heart. 

While it’s angelic soundscape is coated with lo-fi, indie elements, the track was influenced by a sinister time.

Chiming in with it’s relevant instrumentation, the echoing vocals exclaiming ‘Big Night Won’ is a reminder to hold things that are important to you closely, because within a flash, things can change.

Written in a political state of confusion and frustration, ‘Big Night Won’ comes at a time where 2020 hasn’t been so kind. Making it known that there’s no better time to release this track than now, this captivating single is a statement filled with hope. 

Hope for a new world to come out of 2020’s shadows, ‘Big Night Won’ is atmospheric and personal, and refuses to be categorised. 

With both hands on the steering wheel, Bells Fell Silent are a duo bound to become big names in the movie soundtrack world. 

Big Night Won’ is not only an experience for your ears, it’s visual, letting you interpret the music in any way you’d like.