Ben Burke – Life I Left Behind

Hailing from Liverpool and now returning with his fourth single, Ben Burke makes yet another splash with ‘Life I Left Behind. 

With a country twang and wholesome sounding bop to it, there’s some real fun feel to this latest single. The feeling of running footsteps buried within the rhythm really does make a perfect metaphor for the song to build upon. Using a barely there drumbeat to stick with this theme, and the clear cut lyrics of running away and never stopping makes for a very poignant message. 

With how romanticised the idea of living life as a drifter is in modern media, it’s no wonder that there’s a lot of relatability to the song. The idea of running away and shrugging off responsibility to have fun is a titivating one to say the least. 

The music itself reinforces this, with a fast-paced acoustic guitar throughout coupled with the twanging country vocals. It really is a fun listen and can be broken down into very basic components, despite this though, it’s the themes and sound of the song overall that make it this get up and go song. 

Another feather in the track’s cap is that it doesn’t alienate its audience. Being a country inspired track may be all that it takes to put some people off, but whilst some may not be as interested, most will find it far more refreshing and easy to listen to than some other deeper cut country songs.