Ben Burke – The Winds of Change

The latest single from singer-songwriter Ben Burke, ‘The Winds of Change’ is a rather fitting song for the situation the world finds itself at the moment with people panicking and in isolation. It’s a song that gives us hope that there is a brighter future and we will get there soon.

Ben sings about a perfect world with ‘no more war’, ‘no more sorrow’ and ‘no more pain’ and that we can achieve this by ‘Seizing the day and living for tomorrow’. It’s a great message for us all, sure we are worrying about what might happen during these uncertain times, but we can make them better with positive thinking. The lyrics are very refreshing and settling.

As for the music, the song starts with a fake out of riffs and drums before the lovely sound of plucked strings comes in and Ben’s classic singer-songwriter voice sings his very well written lyrics. The song then builds from there with heavier guitar riffs and drumbeats coming in for the chorus and later verses. The piano solo is a great touch too and show the multiple talents on show in this song.

‘The Winds of Change’ is a very written song that sings a very important message that we should all follow. Both now during the madness and also after its all blown over.

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