Ben Gorb – Goodbye

Taken off his upcoming debut album, ‘Goodbye’ is just the beginning for Ben Gorb and his explosive numbers. From a young teenager, Ben developed a strong passion for classic rock, fast forward until the present day and you can tell that was an important part of his evolution.

Creating adrenaline-packed rock numbers but also composing heartfelt pop and folk ballads, Ben clearly shows he’s a unique, versatile artist that will hold onto your attention. 

Goodbye’ surrounds itself in an indie rock atmosphere but there are elements of pop rock thrown in the mix too with Ben’s soft vocals. Emotive and showing an artist being open with his audience, the number includes a stunning chord progression comforted by vulnerable but strong vocals. Listening in to the core of a powerful number, you can hear the personal feel to the track that seems like it needs to be guided.

The classic rock inspired guitar solo showcases Ben’s old school influences, making it a versatile single. One thing I’d say to Ben is it’s strong single but feels that it could have got it’s point across firmly if it was slightly shorter. Goodbye feels like it’s needing someone to guide the way.

There’s vulnerability and in a way, a lack of independence in the single that makes me feel that it’s a track that’s going to evolve over time with each listen. Nevertheless, this is not goodbye after all, this is still just the beginning of a wonderful journey for the honest songwriter.