Ben Gorb – No One Knows

If you wanted to find out ‘where she goes’ by the end of this track, you may be left disappointed, because according to Ben Gorb’s new single, the answer is ‘No One Knows’.

What starts as sounding like a soft ballad being played in his bedroom bursts into a bouncing pop-rock tune. Equipped with crashing drums, strings, a wide range of vocals, and a hefty amount of acoustic guitar, Gorb has thrown everything he has at this song to try and make a serious anthem out of it.

After a few explosive choruses throughout the track, it closes in true 1990s pop-rock style with a return to just him and the guitar (and the odd bit of stings) to ease listeners out to the end.

I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that some of the lyrics felt like a bit of a cliché. After all, how many times have we heard a song like this about a mysterious woman that you chase after. My advice to Ben Gorb would be to be a bit more playful with his lyrics, and show us more of what he can do.

He has to have even more in his locker that he’s yet to show us.

However, whether or not the track is a bit cliché and cringey, it will still undoubtedly give everyone a good sing-song when Ben gets to play this one live. I’m sure Ben, as much as anyone, is desperate to get back on the stage and get people moving.