Ben Gorb – Singing Out Loud

Macclesfield born singer songwriter Ben Gorb released his brand new single Singing Out Loud last month and we are thrilled to be reviewing it. 

Having been writing and playing for seven years he is no stranger to the music scene now, previously receiving plenty of airtime around the North West. This new tune sees him implement some heavier elements into his well-trodden sound. Previously having always mixed folk with ingredients of classic rock it certainly feels like he has decided to consciously sway more towards the latter in this one.

Traditionally having a quite Frank Turner like vibe about him, and dipping into classic rock as a bridge, this track is unmistakably a rockier song, with the folk elements secondary. Right from the beginning of the track, the rising guitars and the thrashing sounds behind them set the foundations for a big, powerful, and dramatic track, and that’s what is delivered. Everything in this piece, from lyrics to backing track, contributes to create not just a sound, but an atmosphere of power when you listen to it. 

You cannot forget though, despite the bigger sound we are hearing in this one, like most of his tracks the real power comes from his voice and lyrics. Without his now well refined song writing and startling vocal ability, I fear the rest would have been a waste. His almost chameleon like ability to have two separate vocal tones and styles, one which lends itself to the more laid out bare verses, and one for the real hard hitting chorus, is quite astounding. This, more than anything, is what gives the song its uniqueness and carries the track forward effortlessly. 

Like any big rock song worth its stripes, it has a triumphant chorus as its centre piece. He has mastered the art of letting a track build, and despite the ferocity in parts of this tune, it still feels very organic how the crescendo arrives with this chorus. In terms of the structure of this track it is very Biffy Clyro in the sense that even when the tempo dips, you can still feel it simmering away ready to launch back into uplifting splendour any second. 

Having listened to it several times now, and subsequently then going back to listen once again to his back catalogue, the growth in his sound is pretty astonishing. He has managed to, in tandem, heighten the quality of his sound in terms of lyricism, structure and simply his voice, while still continuing to explore and develop his base of his songs into something heavier, and in my opinion more exciting. Singing Out Loud is definitely worth a listen, and it will most certainly leave you wondering where he will take his ever expanding sound next.