Ben Lazarus – Sunnyvale

Los Angeles based Ben Lazarus has recently shared his latest single, ‘Sunnyvale’. The track is Ben’s latest release under Napier Records and sees him bode gorgeous guitar lines with sombre lyricism to create a musical letter.

‘Sunnyvale’ is based around the town that Ben Lazarus grew up in, with intricate lyrics that tell the story of how this small, agricultural community has flourished into a vibrant city that has become the home to companies and businessmen alike, drawing in some of the richest people and their families. The song writing displayed within this track is something that Ben Lazarus should be proud of, having the ability to paint vivid, nostalgic scenery in the listeners mind, allowing fans to imagine that they were also in this town, watching it blossom.  

Ben Lazarus lived in the town of Sunnyvale up until April 2005, moving after going to film school in Los Angeles, where he has lived ever since. Since then, he has been writing and perfecting his own songs at home. A large proportion of his songs feature the drum beats of his brother, Jonathan, who tragically died in 2013.

it is the instrumentation within ‘Sunnyvale’ that should really be spotlighted, feeling like the glue that holds the track together. With the release of this number, Ben Lazarus has also released an instrumental version – giving listeners the opportunity to, essentially, go on their own adventure with the song. ‘Sunnyvale’ holds strong guitar lines that combine perfectly with a strong drum beat that build the song well before taking flight in the chorus. With the release of the instrumental version of ‘Sunnyvale’ arriving hand in hand with the full release, Ben Lazarus wants to provide fans the opportunity to lose themselves within his music.

Since signing to Napier Records in March, Lazarus’ career has sprung to life. ‘Sunnyvale’ stands as his strongest release so far, proving his talent. If this release is anything to go by, the future is looking incredibly bright for Ben Lazarus.