Berne – Heat

London-duo, Berne present to us their ethereal pop and ethical approach to music in their track ‘Heat‘.

Heat, which is taken from the group’s latest EP ‘Stay’ describe the track as ‘Earth Pop’ which is a new one to me, but I completely support this band’s direction.

Heat is a climate emergency anthem with vocals that are hauntingly euphoric and backing instrumentation being layered in beats, wavy guitar notes and synth tones that give the track its aroma.

The drowned out drums and vocals in the introduction give the track a feeling that it is being echoed all around you. The verse’s messages are strong in the sense of burning forests, but the delivery is so soothing in an almost ironic way.

In the mid-section of the song there is a feeling of intensity as the vocals soar, but the electronic instrumentation builds up and the further addition of guitar and drums adds to the speed of the track, almost like a forest fire spreading.

This is a unique and visionary piece from Berne with the rest of the EP following their Earth-Pop style with some fantastic vocal work and entrancing electronic instrumentation.

In delivering this album, the band have also created a low-impact website. What this means is that the website is 100% powered by solar energy, atmospheric air and water cooling energy in California.

It all sounds quite bizarre to hear a website being run like this, but it works and if there’s any way to lower energy consumption, Berne have figured it out and I tip my hat to them.