London trio BERRIES take their fuzz-laden alternative rock sound to the next level with ‘Copy‘, their latest single and debut on Xtra Mile Recordings.

The three-piece have been building up a head of steam for some time; they have an impressive list of champions including Steve Lamaq and Huw Stevens and have notched up gigs alongside the likes of Porridge Radio and label-mate Frank Turner. This latest single, their first release in a couple of years, could easily be taken as a statement of intent; in message, and in terms of the pure riffage that lies within.

Lyrically, ‘Copy‘ is all scattergun missives on the subject of societal expectations; an anthem against conformity. It’s an ethos often espoused in the rock canon, but the refreshingly straightforward writing and delivery add a punch to the message. It’s easy to imagine the mantras within this single being repeated back at full velocity by a packed audience, as soon as it can be unleashed on a live stage.

If you like riffs from all corners of the alt. rock world, this song will press all the right buttons. The verse line darts around the rhythm in an almost math rock fashion, giving way to a whole heap of Gen-X slacker pop in the indisputably big chorus. A delightfully discordant solo takes things towards the Soundgarden side of grunge, and the final breakdown is pop-rock at its loudest. The guitar work keeps you guessing throughout, but maintains a pace and intensity to get your heart rate up a few BPM.

It is crucial, especially in the absence of touring, for a band with this much momentum to use every record as a chance to grab the attention of anyone who hears it. BERRIES have surely done that with ‘Copy‘, and hopefully laid the groundwork for more huge tunes to come.