BERRIES – Live Sessions from Big Smith Studios

It’s a statement in how confident your music is to jump into a live session for an EP. But Berries certainly show that there’s zero manufactured content to them. 

The delivery on these sessions is near on perfect and show’s just how talented Berries are with every individual instrument they inject into their music. 

A live version of the single, Copy, is the first up, and carries the same impact of the original. Filled up with a catchy guitar hook, dense drum arrangements and an excellent vocal delivery by their front-woman. It’s a solid opener, right down to its intense guitar solo that rounds out the song cleanly. 

Dangerous, is also a single release from the EP, though still recorded live to stick with the Live Sessions release they’re going for. It’s similar to Copy with its tightly packed musical arrangements and strong presentation. It’s more of Berries signature style of fitting a lot of complex delivery into a small amount of time. The drums border on that feeling of being out of control, but never lose the beat as they go. Similar to the guitar which pushes through in rhythm with the drums in some place, stopping and starting with each drum beat to make an interesting effect. 

The third song is another live performance of a song previously released on EP, Lies. It joins the likes of Dangerous and the aforementioned EP’s title track Lies, on the live jam session. It’s an even faster paced track that packs things even more tightly into a two-and-a-half minute song that could be pushing punk territory with both it’s length and brash delivery. 

Closing out the final live session is Lies. It’s a fitting end as it’s easily one of Berries most recognisable songs. The guitar and drums are once again tightly wound together into a duet that’s feels as though they’re duelling one another. The guitar solo just pushes it towards a jam session for the ages, with every little note spilling out in a rough but pleasing way. 

Live Sessions from Big Smith Studios, is a collection of three of Berries strongest efforts, and goes to show well they can perform under a live setting. It’s the little flourishes and raw feel of it all that really gives it an edge. You hear everything that’s going on and it really does scratch the itch of listening to music live.