Beth McCarthy – Wildfire

Beautiful, atmospheric and euphoric are just some of the words to describe the latest release ‘Wildfire’ by York based singer/songwriter Beth McCarthy.

Take everything good about modern pop music with artists such as Dua Lipa, Sigrid and Lorde expressing their music with great artistry and the blending of music and imagery is what you will find in Wildfire.

Delicate piano playing with an emotive vocal performance are the major highlights in Wildfire. The keys in this track really set the scene for a chilling performance and once paired with the vocals, you are presented with emotional euphoria with such innocence, and yet such confidence in one voice.

The electronics provide a steady beat to enable McCarthy’s voice to stand out, but don’t provide much in itself for any notable remembrance. It’s a beat and keeps its rhythm and that is perfectly fine in this situation.

Beth has a voice that can go far and not just in terms of her range and pitch, this is definitely one pop artist who fits nicely into the existing scene.