A highly anticipated tour after an extremely hyped album, chaotic crowds of excitable early 20 something’s, chattering away, taking selfies and drawing snails onto each others cheeks in eyeliner, Manchester Academy 3 had a certain 2007 buzz once again last night.

“Alright, we’re The Underclass from up the road in Stoke. “That may be their band name, but I wouldn’t use Underclass to describe them personally because their stage presence is anything but.A lot of people seemed to be saving their energy for the headliner but seemed to be having a good time. When a pit got opened up there seemed to be some confusion since the circle consisted of me and a youngish girl until people were coaxed into running. Proper decent set with some really good tunes. Would recommend seeing these boys honestly.

Typical Scottish banter on stage with The Shambolics. The bassist going hell for leather, the anticipated tracks, the audience check-ins as well as promoting their headliner when they come back in April, it was truly an enjoyable set from a band that has been praised left, right and center over the last few months.

A tambourine was thrown out which left an insane buzz of excitement for 20 minutes, then a guy with an Essex accent walked onto the stage to introduce “the greatest band in the world”

After almost a year of excitement, on walked the trio Bilk, kicking inflatable footballs into the crowd to an expected wave of screams from the Snail gang. A rowdy set playing the debut album tunes as well as a classic single from 2019 (an absolute banger about living somewhere boring that’ll have everyone up, dancing, starting pits. Crowd surfing tends to be guaranteed at least once at a Bilk gig, and at a point where Sol checked on the crowd and the pit to make sure everyone was safe, it was everything I’d expected it to be and more.