Billy Sanders – Top Bricks

Without a band behind him, just a guitar in hand and genuine talent, I was led to one conclusion : Billy Sanders has got something about him that’s relatable and really quite great. It’s a credit to him to take something so minimalist and make it dynamic.

Sanders has been able to make less translate to more with ‘Top Bricks’, and where I’d usually be craving for a full band to make an appearance at climaxes in the song, it’s refreshing to hear someone not be content with keeping to just vocals and guitar, but to actively embrace it and develop a sound unique to the artist.

His voice weaves narratives, telling a story very much in a DIY way, but without it feeling undersold or lacking substance. I’d heard a track by Billy before, ‘Eniram Bus’, and through his use of vocal delay and guitar effects, it felt like a song that had more than just his standard set-up. With ‘Top Bricks’, it’s evident that rawness is a focal point of production, and Sanders has managed to balance this desire without detracting from the atmosphere it is designed to create. 

Its matter-of-factness is enjoyable to say the least, and when an artist doesn’t feel the need to rely on clever and expensive production, and instead lets the song speak for itself, I can only stand up and applaud. I’d love to see him in action at some point, because if it stands up to his recorded material, we’ll have a brilliant solo artist on our hands.