Forming in January 2017, Biskee Brisht (translated from Manx Gaelic meaning Broken Biscuit) have just released their debut album. Originally due for release a few months ago the band postponed till it was safer to gather. (At least in the Isle of Man).

With their debut single ‘NOT AGAIN’ released in September 2019 introducing us to the delightful mash-up of instruments and fun that this Isle of Mann bunch bring. The album became highly anticipated by their fans.

Rightly so too. It is an album that has brought true joy to my ears. Being a fan of folk music and brass instruments. Discovering the heavenly sounds of these talented bunch has me hoping for a tour (fingers are well crossed for later this year still), so I can get lost in the music with like-minded fellows.

With many being from the same family the band is not short of members. The beautiful voice of Ruby Biscoe-Taylor leads the charge on vocals and ukulele, then we have David ‘KIN’ Kinley on electric guitar, Django Kinley on trumpet, James Kinley on trombone, John Kaighin on the accordion, Felipe Kowalczuk playing the percussion and Matt Brewster on bass. All lending their voices for backing vocals and bringing something special to life.

For those not familiar with the charming folk pop that Biskee Brisht bring us. I refer you to the second track on the album which quickly became my favourite. ‘Impatience of our youth’. From the off, this song just pulsates with fun and encourages you to dance. The majority of the album just screams lets party, Folk style.

Which from my experience is a great night of debauchery and array. Whilst throwing in a few slow love songs in the mix to help catch your breath, possibly? (I’m saying yes).

With catchy choruses such as “sick and tired, sick and tired, sick and tired of you” and the ending of ‘This won’t end well’ when the music just stops and everyone starts singing together in unison. “Who will know, who will you tell”. It will be a case of one listen before you have the words nailed down and it becomes that earworm album that you can never displace or discourage for the longest time.

It will become a part of the cognitive memory that holds the lyrics to all of The Spice girls Wannabe album still, (Maybe just me? Probably not).

Using a mixture of English and Manx Gaelic, Biskee Brisht has introduced us to a clever array of songs that are simply timeless. An album that will brighten up a down day. 48 minutes and 5 seconds worth of pleasure. But don’t take my word for it. Check them out on all the streaming services. Or give the band a message on Facebook if you want an actual album they will be happy to assist.