BizzySixFour – Flavour

BizzySixFour unleashes the third single from their upcoming album, tasty track ‘Flavour’. Mixed with flavourings of hip-hop and pop, the track gives diversity to listeners throughout the upcoming days until the album release. Already hitting over 31,000 streams on Spotify alone, the originality within BizzySixFour’s music is energising. If you’re into trap beats and an easy-listening arrangement of triggers, ‘Flavour’ is the delicious track for you.

‘Flavour’ is a rap number with an inspiring trap beat, and a daring arrangement. Mixing singing with rapping, the assorted feel to the track gives listeners an experience of the world of hip-hop, rap and pop all in one. Telling the story of exploring issues faced with addiction substance and to love, the track gives listeners a template to create your own adaption. Relatable and with layers of colour, ‘Flavour’ is exactly what you’d want it to be. It’s like finding the last slice of your favourite cake in a coffee shop, and you have it all to yourself. 

An experience to hold on to tightly, it’ll come at no surprise that this is becoming BizzySixFour’s most popular track to date. With the upcoming album to feature a heavier hip-hop feel, the trap industry is vibrant with BizzySixFour being a strong contender.