Blaze Clearwater – Kid For A Day (feat. Bizzair)

San Francisco’s Blaze Clearwater presents his sunny happy-go-lucky track ‘Kid For A Day‘, and to be quite honest this song provides dark clouds on a musical world.

The track which also features Bizzair, bounces back and forth from a chorus that sounds like Nicki Minaj’s Starship pre-chorus build up. The verse rap is familiar to that of Childish Gambino’s rapping style on his Because The Internet album. It takes two well-accomplished pop artists and acts like you don’t have to write anything original.

The lyrics discuss ignoring what other people say and act like a kid. Even though the trumpets provide uplifting major movements, the concept of the song sounds like privilege from people who could already do what they want.

The lyrics talk about ignoring work and going to the beach with your squad which is fair and something a group of kids would do. However, there is then talk of going to the races? How old are these kids supposed to be?

This song might just take away your negative energy or increase it, I guess it depends on your perspective. For me I feel this is a lazy cash grab and is too tongue-in-cheek for its own good.