Bleach Boy – Lonesum

Manchester’s own capturing both uplifting and eerie vibes in their new track ‘Lonesum’. 

The track kicks off with a mixture of jangly indie guitars and thunderous raw bass that adds a darker post-punk vibe which has slowly been growing in the indie scene over the last couple of years. The opening riffs are so catchy and clean they hook you right in for the first two minutes.

While all is said and done in the first half of the track, the bridge gives off the impression with the chugging guitars that we’re about to enter a grand finale. However, it wasn’t in the sense I was expecting but was certainly impressed by what I did hear. 

What I expected to be an uplifting finish was actually a complete descent into a grunge-like mash-up of noise and chaos. The guitars are turned up a notch and produce heavier sounds which are quite the juxtaposition to the catchy verse notes. The intensified sound plays all the way out to the end and showcases Bleach Boy are a gritty and not to be messed around with band. 

One of the stand out moments for me and really defines Bleach Boy is frontman Milo Flynn whose lower and northern registered singing captures the eerie vibe of the song. Imagine Joy Division if they were a grunge band basically as Flynn’s voice echoes throughout as it flows along the sugary indie licks. The scratchier and shouting vocals in the bridge add to the build-up nicely and stick in the track like a knife slowly being turned. 

The music video is worth talking about as it fits the song perfectly. Frontman Flynn is the main focus as he dances around in a dark woodland area and the light exposure is mainly focused on him. The uncomfortable stare at the camera lets you know this isn’t going to be your average video as Flynn looks lost in the moment and entranced by the music. 

Like the song, the video picks up in the bridge and is well-edited with a cluster of scenes to add to the chaotic vibe with some strobe flashing and distortion to the picture. The grin from Flynn as he’s covered in black paint is menacing and almost visualises a drug-like frenzy which is the vibe I get from the song in general. 

Nothing feels wasted here and I can see Bleach Boy pushing their sound and experimentation further and a track being so catchy, whilst still reaching 5 and a half minutes in length, is great to see.