After the EP ‘Bitter Lake’ and the subsequent four singles in 2020, William Fraser, aka ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ is ready to release his first full-length album, ‘Foley Age’. From beginning to end this album is a melodic masterpiece. With songs like ‘Imaginary Angles’ feeling very melancholy, to ‘Obrigada Nada’ giving off very mellow vibes, there really is something for everyone and every mood.

In the times we are living in now it is important we hear this type of genre; feelgood, hip hop with aspects of somber undertones. Listening to this album sent me to a place full of many emotions, which is rare for an electric album to do.

Citing a range of influences like Boards of Canada and Four Tet, Foley Age takes the listener on a journey through diverse soundscapes, and this unique sound combines something organic alongside electronic textures to create this cinematic art to the ears of those who listen.

With Blooms Taxonomy’s earlier work steadily gaining popularity and an audience of thousands in over 90 countries, it is safe to say that this is just the beginning of his musical career. Unlike others in this genre, this album is everything but repetitive, the way each tune fades into something different but sometimes coming back to the original concept, is very smart and definitely keeps the audience encaptivated.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is the first solo project of London based multi-instrumentalist William Fraser. Eschewing convention when it comes to musical production and performance, his unique sound combines striking organic and electronic textures to create atmospheric avant-garde soundscapes and sonic works of art. Fraser aims to take both the genre and music forward in new and exciting directions, while retaining a humane and intimate nature. Fraser’s live performances incorporate live looping and sampling and elaborate projections to create a vivid and transportive live experience.

Blooms Taxonomy definitely hit the nail on the head for this debut album. It is such a shame we cannot hear this gem of an album live, because if there is one thing each and every tune made me feel, was definitely the yearning of an electric event. Luckily enough I got to experience this album early, and what a feeling it was, hearing something new and enigmatic left no emotion untouched, very recherché. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more work from Blooms Taxonomy in the near future.

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