Blue Kubricks – Latin

An energetic indie triumph from the Leeds rockers, packed to the rafters with in-your-face riffs and snarling vocals which leave your blood pumping and feet moving.

Latin roars through its three minutes, never really coming up for breath, with any gap in the violent guitar soon filled by the thumping of drums. They’ve really tapped into the frustration and building anger of the youth with this one, and channeled it into to produce a track for our times, full of angst and passion.

The relentless and ever changing melodies of the vocals mean at points it almost feels like he is singing from a different sheet to the instrumentals, but this gives is a wonderfully of kilter feel, and a real punk edge deserving of such power and energy.  Through this though they don’t sacrifice any of their musical prowess. It might feel like mayhem at times, but this is certainly organised chaos, and the scrappiness and thrashing sound they create should take nothing away from the raw talent they possess.

Basically, this is a top tune. It’s right for the moment, it’s technically bang on, and it grabs you from the off, refusing to let you ignore its wonders. With Latin, Blue Kubicks have created an instantly memorable track with the only bitterness being we can’t go and see it live… Yet.