Blue River – Lucy

Blue River are from all the way down in Cornwall… you know the place with the blue seas, clean air and pasties. However, the sound these guys are throwing out with their new track ‘Lucy’ resonates with the sounds of Northern groups gone by providing that bit of sunshine in a grey industrial image. 

Lucy’ is short, snappy and classic anthemic indie rock. The track doesn’t give up for a second and like the lyrical themes of telling our character Lucy to “get on the train” you feel as though you’re travelling at quite the speed with the song. 

Blue River pretty much say all they need to say in just over two minutes and whilst the sound screams of Oasis, the energy and length of the track leave you wanting more as if this was only a taster.

The track remains consistently rhythmic and the vocal harmonies are the clear highlight here, it’s nice to see indie rock taking a punchier edge to song structure.