Blue River – Tetsuo

Cornwall rocker’s ‘Blue River’ return with their ballsy new track ‘Tetsuo’ that takes indie rock in exciting new directions.  

‘Tetsuo’ which translates into ‘clear thinking man’ has a lot to think about as its subject matter tackles global warming and the terrifying effect it potentially has. Instrumentally, the band take their classic indie rock sound coined by artists such as Arctic Monkeys, and amp it up with some surf-rock beefy tones.  

There’s plenty of low notes and bass pounding away in the background giving the track a real heavy feel to it. Accompanying that is slurry lead vocals which add a wavy vibe and almost tries to take us away from the dirty notes.  

You still get those standard overdriven guitars that make the indie tracks sound nice and fat and vocal melodies in some verses full of exciting flare and really add something different to the indie market. That extra oomph from the band really gives them a necessary edge in this saturated circle of indie rock and the ending to Tetsuo really leaves you wanting more of that ferocity.  

Blue River are very good at leaving you wanting more with their songs clocking in around three minutes and I have to say I see a lot of improvement and dedication to their music since the last time I reviewed them. A very guitar-driven track with a lot of style and tenacity.