Bluebyrd – Roving Heart EP

Using folk influences and simplistic compositions, Bluebyrd’s ‘Roving Heart EP’ sounds like a night at your cosy local’s open mic…

Wolverhampton-based folk group Bluebyrd’s latest release ‘Roving Heart EP’ fittingly opens itself up with its title track ‘Roving Heart’. The song constructs itself around a jangly, acoustic guitar, slightly reverberated vocals and a discrete build-up of synth pads throughout the track. To say this is an EP opener it doesn’t hold the attention-grabbing factors you might have hoped for. There aren’t many gripping factors in the music and the guitar chords and vocals follow very predictable patterns and melodies that sound like the many acoustic gigs we’ve heard down the pub which leaves the song sounding a little unoriginal. The opener really ought to be exciting and offer the listeners something that leaves them wanting to hear more instead of offering them a run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter set.

The second track’s sound, however, does improve slightly from the first. Still displaying a pretty basic level of composition in the verses, the music does have a little more bite to it. Though the lyrics are a little cheesy in places, the modulation in the chorus is well executed and does stray from the predictability of the music.

After previously released ‘Uneven Ground’, fourth on the EP is ‘See My Face’, which, again follows fairly basic composition and a similar build up to the rest of the EP with instrumental pads building under vocals and acoustic guitars. The backing vocals in the chorus feel a bit jolting in comparison to the rest of the song and are more akin to Peter Auty’s ‘Walking In The Air’. They follow the vocal melody with no problem but just seem too over the top for a track of this nature.

Closing the EP is ‘Find Your Way’, which with the introduction of a brass section does stick itself aside slightly from the rest of the EP. Sadly, this does seem to be the only differing feature of the music. It’s unfortunate that the closing track just blends in with the rest of the music as opposed to displaying a more memorable style to attract the listener back.

The music within the ‘Roving Heart EP’ would provide a nice cheery ambience in a cosy little pub somewhere but as an EP the music just isn’t very captivating. The music doesn’t express much creative individuality from the band which proves a shame when there is a whole five tracks to explore. The songs follow their melodies and compositions perfectly fine, but it’s disappointing that the compositions don’t stray far from the typical chord patterns and riffs used widely already.