Bobby J – Body Of A Dancer

Bobby J, formerly known as Blacker Than Gold, hails from the North West of England, and returns with a clear statement… his music will make you dance. 

An artist that flows with personality, Bobby J’s ‘Body Of A Dancer sounds like something you’d hear on a summer orientated tv program. A track that makes you miss the warm weather even more, if you’re currently in the UK, if this track doesn’t gain popularity around the world, the world’s gone down the pot. 

While traveling around the Caribbean, Bobby wrote the latest tune, and you can feel a real hot vibe to its performance. Bursting with elevation and memorable beats, the afrobeat number holds one of the catchiest hooks you’ll hear in a long time.

The message behind ‘Body Of A Dancer’ is inspired purely because Bobby has always dated dancers. Creating a fiery track, the story was inspired by Bobby’s connection with two ladies he met. 

Collaborating with singer and dancer Flash Baker, this is a track that will instantly make you want a cocktail, lounged by a swimming pool. Produced by multi-platinum selling producer ‘Mantra’, the polished arrangement is professional and armed with confidence. 

Creating a track that holds a strong summer vibe to it’s structure, the story was inspired by Bobby’s connection with two ladies he met.