Bobby Páraknight – Bathe In Sunshine

Built upon the foundations of a classic indie sunshine bop comes the new single ‘Bathe In Sunshine’ from New York-based artist Bobby Páraknight. This new tune is constructed from a joyful chord progression, dreamy keyboards, and a playful bassline. 

Although this tune is a good effort at a catchy indie track, something about it doesn’t quite feel finished. The volume of vocals seems to be a bit uneven across the track, and at points, the timing feels off. Overall, a disjointed notion exudes from the single as Bobby seems to miss the musical target on occasion, stressing a naivety in his work.

There are highlights to the track, however. His light-hearted lyrics and youthful vibrancy bring a fresh spirit to the song.

If I were Bobby, I’d just spend a bit more time listening over the track and making sure that it’s as well-crafted as it possibly can be. To me, it felt slightly careless at points.

In spite of this, I believe that Bobby is still pointing in the right direction. He seems to have a decent grasp of the indie-pop concept, he just needs to direct even more energy towards refining his music.

I think Bobby should see this single as a stepping stone towards honing his craft. I’d love to tell him that he’d struck gold and had perfected this tune, but I wouldn’t be being honest with him. However, I think Bobby should take any advice in his stride in a positive fashion to get that little bit closer to finding his sound.