Greeted to a friendly Hubbub of an excited buzz of anticipation and curiousity, before we got to the main event, the tiny basement venue with it’s crooked stage was packed out from the first band.

The room didn’t look like it would even hold 100 capacity of a sold-out gig on a Tuesday night but packed it was when Fruit headed onto the stage. This was the lads first time ever playing live and you’d have bet money they were lying when they told you that. The raw energy from drummer George is immense and lead singer Josh in a signature suit, roars into the crowd and bangs on the ceiling, the whole room was electric and reminiscent of vague videos of the infamous early sex pistols gigs but with far more warmth and heart. Hopefully, these lads book more gigs soon so you can experience it.

That lead amazingly into psychedelic rock seven piece known as Cothel. Powerful guitars, rhythmic drumming with mind bending keytaring, beautiful vocals; an eclectic mix of headbangers that brought a great deal of magic into the room with them and an absolute treat between the harder punk tracks.

A chaotically positive riot was then brought up with Happy2000. Lead singer banging on the low ceiling once again, both he and the guitarist throwing themselves into the audience, starting a pit that covered the entire room and all the other bands had all jumped in, it was a hundred-strong half hour of dancing, falling, chanting, calling out the government and screaming with smiles on faces. The lad’s Northern debut was an impactful one.

Red light down and up rolls Bodies. Liverpool natives with an outstanding lead originally hailing from Belfast at their first hometown headline was one to remember. These lads had a fair few unknown tracks to debut as well as the two distinct new tracks that fans of the current underground punk scene will know.

Someone who couldn’t handle the pit at one point was dealt with beautifully by the crowd and the lead singer’s dad (I’m noting this because this is how it should be done) Lead singer remarked that the music is about love to a wave of applause, bringing the room to dancing all the way through the gig, sharing the stage energy.